Nov 16, 2009

A wonderful day

I have to admit it. I love the cold weather, I love to look outside and see snow falling so hard you can't see across the street. I love to build a fire in my wood stove, so of course I love that smell of wood burning.

It was cold yesterday and I spent the day working on a few new pieces of jewelry for my open house I am having in December. I have also been Twilight inspired. I am not a big fan of red but it keeps drawing me back to make pieces that have red in them. So this is where the new red necklace came from.

$10.00 with free shipping within the USA.


  1. That is pretty! I don't enjoy the snow! I can honestly say!! My kids are thrilled though so I just try to endure. haha

  2. Oh wow that one is beautiful!!! I need to make my way over to your store again and check things out!!