Apr 28, 2010

More for those Teens.

As before these ankle bracelets are $8.00 apiece unless you buy 2 or more then they are $6.00 apiece. Free shipping across the USA.

Apr 26, 2010

My new Teen Line of Ankle Bracelets

This is my new line of teen ankle bracelets. They measure from a little past 8 inches.The cost is $8.00 or for two $6.00 apiece. Free shipping through out the USA.

Apr 12, 2010

Spring is here. Check out my ankle bracelets.

  1. These are examples of some of my ankle bracelets. I custom make them for you.Some of these are for sale, but if there is a color or style you might like please contact me and I will try to make you one as close to what you want. These sell for $8.00 apiece, or 2 -$6.00 a piece. Only $1.00 for shipping per order across the united states and $ 3.00 anywhere else.
Check out my other websites at http://www.glitterbygrammie.etsy.com/
E-mail me at glitterbygrammie@yahoo.com
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