Nov 24, 2009

That Christmas Feeling

I started this blog for selling my jewelry. But as I go through and read other blogs(I have become addicted) I have decided to combine the two and write a little also. I am no great writer and I a have a hard time typing(should of paid more attention in typing class) but I am going to give it a try. We will just have to hang in there and see what happens. Hope you will be patient and hang in also.
So we have all given thanks and that is a good thing.
I want to know what is your favorite holiday movie? 
1. Which one makes you cry and you watch it every year knowing full well you will cry.
2. Which one do you watch that makes you laugh?
3. Which one expresses that feeling of christmas?
4. Which one gives in to the romantic in you?
Okay for me:
1. The Family Stone
2. This was hard. Just Friends, Christmas Vacation or Elf. I watch them all over and over.
3. The Santa Claus(the first one is my favorite)
4. Love Actually
I will probably change my mind in a week or two when I actually get out my christmas movies. I put them away every year that way I don't get burned out on them. The grandkdis would have me watching them year round if I would let them.
Have a wonderful  Thanksgiving


  1. White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street

  2. I like all of those movies too, with Christmas Vacation being the favorite.

  3. My favorite is A Christmas Story. It reminds me of Christmas when I was a kid and it always makes me laugh. I used to watch it on the marathon over and over. My kids hate it!

  4. I really do love Christmas movies. One I can pull out over and over is Meet me in St. Louis. For a Laugh? Christmas Vacation. For the tears? Yours Mine and Ours the original. The Holiday Mood? White Christmas. I like all 3 of the Santa Clause movies, but you are right, the first is the best. This year I bought Elf Bowling and it's ok, but some of it is for the parents watching.

  5. I honestly don't have a favourite holiday movie. I used to like watching the classics over the holidays, and I love movies in general, so it's a bit odd that I don't.