Nov 26, 2009

Hot Coffee and Conversation

Tomorrow morning I will be one of those crazy shoppers out there at 3 in the morning looking to get a great deal. I am going with my 2 daughters. I really don't need to purchase any of these, so on sale items. I just really enjoy the coffee and the conversation after all the craziness is done. We usually stop somewhere sit down and get coffe and a donut or cake. We talk about our purchases and what happend with the crazy people around us. I  mostly just like to sit and listen to my girls chat with each other. It warms my heart.
Tomorrow afternoon new jewelry will be posted after I get in a good nap.
Here is to coffee and conversation.


  1. You are a good (and brave) mom. I hope you get a good nap!

  2. Great. Take one for the team, because I'm not going out there! Good luck!