Dec 10, 2009

A letter

Dear Mom.
It is quite strange that I have been thinking about you for a few days now. I then looked at the calendar,  to discover that today is your birthday.
I just wanted you to know that I miss you. It is true that I wasn't around alot the last years. I had to follow my own path which took me away. You were always in the back of my mind helping me make decisions. Helping me take care of my children. I could hear you saying  things to me. That truely helped.
I have tried to keep a few of things we did together as traditions in my family. In my mind there is no better way to honor you than that.
I think my fondest memory is baking at christmas time. I loved it when you baked period. Sitting and chatting watching you knead the bread that we all knew would be baked soon and then served warm, with butter and jam on it. The smell was wonderful. I still get that picture in my head when I bake bread.
I still make your popcorn balls. It is the highlight of the christmas baking. I do it last and then everyone knows were are done for this year.
Whenever I go home during the summer , I will be outside and I can see us all riding, you the greatest yoddler ever would be yoddeling.I could never get that.
But I think the things I remember the most is the laughter.
Thank You for the laughter.
Happy Birthday
Your loving daughter


  1. That was wonderful. I almost cried. My mom died when I was 14, so it brought back my memories of her. It seems like there's more to this story. You should keep writing about this. Just a suggestion :)

  2. Very touching...I lost my mom 11 years ago I too try to keep her memory alive by carrying on with some of her traditions. Thanks for sharing this with us. *hugz*

  3. What a beautiful letter, so touching.

    Thanks for joining in with letters. The link was messed up on my site so I fixed it for ya. Have a great Friday!

  4. What a beautiful letter.

    By the way, I tagged you for Christmas Meme..not sure if you saw's the second post down from the top